Improving the quality of life

through world-class

genomic diagnostic services

Prevention. Treatment. Accuracy.

Backed by extensive medical research, top-of-the-line DNA testing equipment, and leading genomic practitioners, PHIX Genomics provides an array of precise and highly-effective genomic diagnostic services. All examinations and analyses are conducted in our own laboratory which are accredited and certified by the country’s top healthcare institutions.


Researchers and patients

Our genomic diagnostic procedure provides precise treatment options based on the analysis of a tumor’s unique genomic profile. We offer genomic diagnostics that can reveal these variations in a fast, accurate, and accessible procedure. This can help identify personalized treatment options based on a tumor’s unique genomic profile.


Through careful analysis of genetic variations, we are capable of building a healthier lifestyle that would allow better planning of specific nutrition and everyday activities. Because every person has a unique DNA structure, there is no one optimal lifestyle approach that would work on everyone.


We save lives by anticipating future health conditions. Early detection and treatment are crucial in a child’s early development. Through careful genomic diagnostics, we provide parents, healthcare providers, and public health departments a more standardized approach to newborn screening.


By evaluating genetic differences, we can perceive medications that would work best for a particular patient or disease. Precision medicine also prevents adverse drug reactions and unnecessary medical procedures. It eliminates the guesswork and provides the most appropriate drug and dosage which results in better and faster outcomes.


We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic tests for some of the most prevalent infectious and hereditary diseases in the country. We track them down to their origin and eliminate the root of the cause. Genetic testing can help determine which specific relatives are at risk for developing hereditary illnesses; same goes with infectious diseases such as HPV, cervical cancer, TB, and more.


Genetic testing can help prepare a family and provide the right choices related to pregnancy. It helps enable better family building and prevent reproductive risks. By identifying each parent’s genetic risks, families can understand their options for achieving pregnancy and their future children’s health condition.