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Cancer is a genetic disease. Each cancer is unique and can vary at the molecular level. At PHIX, we offer genomic diagnostics that can reveal these variations in a fast, accurate and accessible way and help identify personalized treatment options based on a tumor’s unique genomic profile. Relevant cancer types include solid tumors, sarcomas, and hematologic malignancies.
Cancer occurs due to environmental and genetic factors. Breast cancer, which ranks at the top of all female cancers, affects 1 in 8 women within their lifetime and hereditary cancers account for 5-10% of all cancers. A significant percentage of cancer patients have inherited mutations in their genome that predispose them to the disease. Cancer patients, regardless of their family history, may benefit from a molecular analysis of their tumor. Everyone should consider a genomic diagnostic test for cancer as it gives you knowledge to appropriately address your health and your future. PHIX Genomics can provide you with fast and accurate diagnostic results, but we also help you understand any implications of the results through consultation with our Genetic Counselors.
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Panel Number of Genes Covered Turnaround Time
Meningioma Panel 8 30
Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma Panel 10 30
Retinoblastoma- RB1 gene sequencing 1 30
BRCA1, BRCA2 and TP53 Sequencing 3 30
Hereditary Cancer Panel- Main genes 37 30
Hereditary Cancer Panel- Complete 223 30
Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Panel 37 30
Hereditary Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer 37 30
Prostate Cancer Panel 13 30
Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers Panel 43 30
Endocrine Neoplasia Panel 37 30
Endocrine Neoplasia Expanded Panel 56 30
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