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We offer e-learnings on all levels, from beginner to expert,  for medical specialties, like oncology, internists, pediatricians, and obstetricians. Our training programs cover cancer, inherited diseases and infectious diseases, and technology-focused courses for genomics technicians. Check out our certifying curricula.

Training on site

We often get asked to share our knowledge with teams and workgroups. We provide tailor-made training programs on-demand, eventually leading to certification.


Learnings to integrate genomics diagnostics in your daily practice

Certified Learning Objectives

Essentials to start with, and advanced and expert levels to deepen your knowledge. Our e-learnings are based on the requirements as laid down by the American College of Genomics.

Bonus Materials

Scientific resources so you can stay up-to-date on the latest research.

Continued Professional Development

We are currently working to have our e-learning programs accredited by the PRC.


Each successfully ended training is granted with a Course Certificate, eventually building up to the Curriculum Certificate of Certified Genomics Practitioner or Certified Genomics Technology Specialist.

Results Interpretation

Learn to review your patients’ results and adapt your treatment plan.

Interactive Learning, EASY ACCESS

Our e-learnings are interactively switching between theory, quizzes and video materials. Our digital learning platform serves you all the way.

Check out our Curricula for Certified Genomics Practioners

Certified Oncology Genomics Practitioner

Certified Internist Genomics Practitioner

Certified Pediatrician Genomics Practitioner

Certified Obstetrician Genomics Practitioner

Certified Genomics Technology Specialist

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