Publication of a posting is done in the usual WP way…

For reference purposes categories and tags are to be used, everytime a blog is posted or edited. This is helpful for SEO purposes as well as for filtering posts on the relevant pages.

Categories are like “chapters”, tags as index search words… e.g. A post is news about (breast) cancer research using the latest NGS sequencing technology.

Now imagine you want to find such an article. In this example you may add the categories Cancer, Genomics news and Genomics research. And you label the post with the tags Breast cancer, NGS and sequencing.

Try to limit the number of tags and most definitely the number of categories. If needed we may add subcategories, but we want to maintain the defined structure as much as possible.

We start with the following categories:

Cancer, Genetic counseling, Genomics education, Genomics industry, Genomics News, Genomics research, Genomics tooling, Infectious disease, Inherited disease, Lifestyle with subcategories Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Newborn screening and Personalized medicine.

Currently the following categories and tags are in use