About Us

PHIX GENOMICS is a clinical genomics diagnostic company, a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

PHIX GENOMICS offers, via its’ own lab facilities and via licensing agreements with established global leaders in clinical genomic diagnostics, a menu of tests including, but not limited to, Cancer profiling, Pharmacogenomics, New Born Screening, NIPD (non-invasive pregnancy diagnostic), Inherited Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Personal Genomics. Working with the Philippines’ medical professionals, PHIX GENOMICS brings a new paradigm of health and prosperity to the Philippines.

Building on biomedical research programs, such as the Human Genome Project, and subsequent genomics research and development, PHIX GENOMICS applies state-of-the-art genomics, bioinformatics and digital imaging technologies to generate the highest resolution and most comprehensive diagnostic reporting. Using this information, the company will empower healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose and treat disease, anticipate and stop disease, and guide safer therapeutic approaches. Through the application of these disruptive genomic technologies, the foundation for individualized precision medical treatment and personal health care is being played. By representing the heart of a new paradigm of medicine that is evidence-based and rooted in quantitative science, PHIX Genomics contributes to the improvement of the quality of life for everyone in the Philippines (and beyond).

PHIX GENOMICS is founded and led by Mr. Jeffrey Seitz MSc, a biomolecular scientist, and entrepreneur. As partner of D-MARK Biosciences, Canada’s premier provider of advanced solutions for genomics and molecular biology, Mr. Seitz is recognized globally for his genomics applications expertise.

Our Team

  • Jeffrey Seitz
    Jeffrey Seitz Chief Executive Officer
  • Fer van Heijzen
  • Lance Larka
    Lance Larka Director Clinical Laboratory Operations
  • Keith Moore
    Keith Moore Consultant High-throughput Molecular Screening
  • Lei Laur
    Lei Laur Junior Specialist Genomics Applications
  • Hannah Blanquez
    Hannah Blanquez Genomics Course development
  • Adriana Balbieran Taw
    Adriana Balbieran Taw Genomics Course development

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