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for the Philippines and SE Asia


PHIX GENOMICS Inc. provides world-class genomics and DNA analysis, diagnostic services and tooling.
Our tests, licensed from global leading firms, are conducted in laboratories of our partners and our own laboratory.
Through our genomic innovations, health conditions can be identified, treated, and improved more accurately and effectively compared to other medical procedures.


Looking for accurate and efficient innovative

  • cancer diagnostics?
  • diagnosing rare inherited diseases?
  • infectious diseases?
  • newborn screening?
  • carrier screening?

We offer the genomic diagnostics to make this possible.

LIFESTYLE, Health & Nutrition

Want to find scientifically proven and spot-on

  • advice on health conditions?
  • to fine-tune your nutritional habits?
  • discovering the best fitness plan?

Stop guessing around and use our genomic diagnostics.

Scientific Research

Helping hospitals and research institutes with genomic analysis services for research purposes, we contribute to a better understanding of the Philippines’ health conditions.

Together we define the scope and run the required tests through our lab or partner lab.


As leading genomic experts we want to share our knowledge. Visit our PHIX GENOMICS Academy website to take up the courses you like to attend and to earn your CPD credits. Want training on-site? Just contact us.


We have extended experience in importing and distributing all the necessary instrumentation, sequencers and reagents.


Receiving an accurate diagnosis is a must-have. Understanding the consequences of the results even more. We work with highly trained genetic professionals to help you interpret the results.

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